Hymeth | About Us
Denmark, Europe, Hydrogen, Technology, Innovation
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In Hymeth, we believe in innovation that promises a better world and leads our technological advancement beyond the status quo. The company was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark with an initial ambition to create an alternative to cylinder LPG, which is a known health hazard, suffers supply shortages and is inefficient. A better alternative is clearly needed, especially in countries where LPG is commonly used for cooking.

According to the UN, the world’s emission of CO2 is at the record high, and if no action is taken, the global temperature increase is expected to surpass 2 degrees plus this century. To change this development and instead build a sustainable energy system, the need for clean energy sources is high. However, many of these sustainable production methods are intermittent, meaning that supply and demand balance is irregular. Thus, a balancing technology and energy carrier are needed to enable more sustainable sources in the energy mix. According to IEA, hydrogen is promising in many areas; as fuel to PEM fuel cell vehicles, as storage for intermittent renewable electricity, or as an enabler for a more sustainable industry, for instance, in steel production. Conventional electrolyzers for sustainable Hydrogen production are very expensive since they require platinum or iridium-based catalyst, energy inefficient and physically large. Moreover, they can compress Hydrogen gas only up to 35 bar which makes storing Hydrogen without an additional compressor very difficult, a gas compressor normally compress Hydrogen gas at least to 300 bar before storage. A compressor adds additional OPEX and CAPEX on top of the already expensive electrolysis unit for sustainable Hydrogen production.

Currently, Hymeth has Seven groundbreaking patent-pending technologies to produce sustainable and cost-effective Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Methane, three major industrial gases.

We are collaborating with leading industry partners, universities and backed by KIC InnoEnergy. We are participating in publicly and privately funded projects in Denmark, Sweden and internationally.