Hymeth | BEAUTY
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BEAUTY is a low-temperature alkaline electrolyzer which is compact, lightweight and supports high-pressure electrolysis. It is the result of many radical patent-pending innovations like: (1) A new non-precious core-shell CuNiFe metal alloy electrocatalyst, (2) the use of electromagnetism in the conversion process, (3) the spiralled design of the anode and cathode, (4) the electro-hydraulic valve and unique nozzles through which it is capable of delivering highly compressed gasses that potentially can eliminate the need for an external gas compressor and (5) the design, material and cooling system to ensure that the electrolyzer is lightweight and compact to reduce the physical footprint compared to commercial alkaline electrolyzers in the market.

The prediction is that BEAUTY will produce hydrogen at a reduced cost by up to 40%, thus leveling production cost with other mature technologies like SMR.

The catalyst is active and durable for both Oxygen and Hydrogen evolution reaction and high mass production friendly. It is a potential alternative to platinum and iridium-based catalyst used in PEM electrolyzers. The electromagnetic effect increases electrolyzer stack efficiency, mostly by taking advantage of the magnetic property of Oxygen bubbles.

Beauty is now available for onsite sustainable Hydrogen and Oxygen production, fuel cell vehicle refilling stations, power to gas and power to power/ renewable electricity storage applications. The output capacity starts from 2Nm³/h to 60Nm³/h with footprint starts from 50×48×30 CM.